Nutrition & Wellness

Our Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant – Jackie Curry

Jackie Curry, Nutritionist and Wellness consultant, is also the Nutrition content consultant for Baby Crayaon (Online antenatal classes)

Jackie specializes in woman and children’s diets to help you live a healthier lifestyle and minimize your symptoms.

Her aim is to empower and support YOU to lose fat and keep it off while feeling in control, well-nutritioned and positive.

Jackie will keep you accountable and motivated and you will NOT feel alone.

“We will focus on Healthy meals, proper food-based supplementation as well as using the power of your mind to assist your body with this life-changing journey.”

These are some of the meal plans that Jackie can help you with:

– Introduction to solids

– Toddlers meal plans

– School aged children struggling with obesity

– ADHD diets and supplements (We now also have a meal plan and counseling package)

– Diets for woman who want to conceive

– Diets in pregnancy & breastfeeding

– PMS and Menopause symptoms

– Hormonal imbalances and meal plans to manage PCOS

– Weight loss diets

– Weight loss diets safe for breastfeeding including supplements that are safe to use while breastfeeding

– Reflux diets

Contact Jackie to book your online appointment 0724003229 or email with the Reference Mommy & Me Fitness Team